Choices are usually a good thing, but when you are not sure what you want, this does not necessarily hold true. In fact, the more choices you have the more difficult things are.

Soap makers and chandlers will tell you how difficult packaging is to source. Boxes will be too big, too small, the wrong shape or just downright dull. It is then you learn to appreciate the importance of finding someone who not only can design boxes for you, but points you in the direction of a fabulous company from where to buy supplies.

From time to time, I make candles and I have a stock of glasses, wax, wicks and essential oils to use so I thought that I would make some for upcoming fairs.  Sam at Pootles has already done the hard work designing a lovely box which is the perfect size for my votive candles, the trouble is that I have to work out how to decorate them. So, I turned to the Stampin Up catalogue to look at the lovely Designer Series paperand coloured card that is on offer.

There are some beautiful Designer Series papers on offer. My favourite is probably Eastern Elegance, but the colours are not quite right for what I want. I also love Polka Dot Parade, but again although I use some of the colours, I don’t use all of them. I have thought about stamps, but there is so much choice I can’t decide.

Then, of course, will they fit in with my existing packaging style? Well, possibly not. So, I have this afternoon been thumbing through the catalogue, and looking at the sample card colours Sam sent me, and I may have reached a decision, or two. I will be placing my next Demonstator order soon, and then I will reveal the new packaging for my house fragrance items.

Apart from the creative side, what I also enjoy about what I do, is getting to know the growing list of absolutely lovely people I come into contact with, at least virtually.  They offer advice and constructive criticism and come up with a raft of new ideas when I run out. We may, in some cases, be in competition with each other, but I have rarely found a more supportive bunch of people and they are a joy to know.